Soak Stuff In Dishwasher Detergent to Remove Organic Gross

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Recently we had a small remodel done to our kitchen and I felt it was time to clean up the place. The first place I decided to start was the fridge, the most gross part of the kitchen. When I removed the shelves I found them to be much grosser than I thought, caked with old organic food grossness. With the remodel of our kitchen we also had two (yes, we have finally made it) dishwashers installed and they came with free detergent, the fancy Cascade liquid kind that “dissolves foodstuff“, so I thought, I wonder if it will dissolve this “foodstuff”. I filled up the bathtub and added a squirt of detergent, sure enough after a few hour soak, they were completely clean! No scrubbing or any elbow grease at all!

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    • David
    • November 25th, 2011

    I’d be very interested in a related post – how to view streaming VIDEO shiurim on Android. Perhaps it works fine ‘out of the box’ on some phones (eg, newer versions of Android), but I couldn’t get it to work on my LG Optimus (Android v2.2). I experimented and found one possible solution that could work for others.

    As my test, I tried viewing streaming video from

    I couldn’t get the videos to play in the default browser or other browsers until I tried one popular browser called SkyFire – see

    I needed to activate the free trial of the video add-on (it costs $2.99 after the free trial), and it worked! I was able to watch/listen to the streaming shiur.

    • David
    • November 25th, 2011

    I wanted to follow up on 2 of your ‘wish list’ items below:

    >GPS Status – Awesome compass app. Gives you exact headings and >allows me to Daven in the correct direction exactly. Feature I >Love: Detailed GPS Data, Compass headings. Feature I Wish: Davening >integration with markers for great circle and rhumb line based on >GPS location.

    This feature seems to be available from the OKTM Siddur apps suite
    – for the Ashkenazi version, see (they also have verrsions for other nusachim). It says: ” Prayer direction: calculate the direction to Jerusalem according to your location (3 types of calculations).”

    >Shabbos Alarm Clock – This may already exist, but I haven’t found >it yet. A simple alarm clock application that doesn’t ring for an >hour, but gives you the choice of how long to ring for…ideal for >shabbos morning or a nice shabbos afternoon nap.a

    Check out and – it may do what you have in mind

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